Hi, my name is Ana Luisa Passalacqua Tonidandel, born and raised in Brasil, but with italian and german routes.My passion for photography started many, many years ago, no digital cameras yet!

Used to be a hobbie, a way to let go the stress and let the creativity take over me.

I am quite shy and photographying is my best way to tell a story, any story: about places, trips, people, architecture, mother nature, special situations , …. actually anything that happens in my life.

Due to great feed backs, I have started to take it more seriously and to a different level; working with People’s portrait, teaching adults and children and also covering events.

Since Auditing, accounting and economics were my background, I have never given too much space for art or oppened up to being creative. Working for an Airline and travelling around the world, changed my life and gave me the possibility to start telling my stories through my photos.

After I moved to London, I got married to another Airliner and had 2 girls.  We were expatriated to South Korea, and that  became my photo paradise for 4 1/2 years. It inspired me so much that I managed to publish my first photo project, a photography book called “South Korea, Busan thru my eyes”.

From South Korea, we moved to Indonesia, where we stayed for 3 years. Only 17.000 Islands to explore and 2 small kids .. a little too much, but managed to live it intensively, specially doing portraits, landscape and street photography….

So many stories, places and faces;  I learned so much by being a member of Insonesian Heritege Society!!

Then, moved from South to North; from east to west; from warm to cold; from light to dark; from poverty to equality … Norway has been my home for the last 3 years and besides family, photogaphy has been my dailly routine … if not out and exploring and working, I am editing, searching, studing and looking forward to reaching the next level …